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About Us
Our Facilities

We are located in Paso Robles, California (on the Central Coast, halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles) on 130 acres of rolling hills and scattered oak trees. This is a Mediterranean climate, not unlike parts of Spain where the breed was formalized in the 1500’s.

Our horses alternate between irrigated and non-irrigated pastures, running free up and down the hills, living, growing and interacting naturally. The natural terrain helps youngsters learn where to put their feet and how to manage their bodies. Our barn provides individual stalls and turnouts for most of our horses who come in at night, ensuring regular contact with people and allowing us to check their well being.

Horse Care

Our irrigated pastures close to the barn are primarily orchard grass and endophyte-free fescues suited to this climate. The large non-irrigated pastures of the ranch are primarily wild oats. Barn feedings are timothy or other grass hay, as well vitamin and mineral enriched pellet feeds to which we add supplements customized to each horse’s needs.

We have a wonderful vet with many years experience. Our farrier regularly visits to keep horses feet trimmed, as we generally maintain our horses “barefoot”, i.e. without shoes. When shoes are called for, particularly for our horses in dressage training, we prefer Epona shoes, believing them to be the most natural alternative, encouraging a rare combination of support for the athlete and flexibility that stimulates circulation and a more natural foot.


Other than those we have bred ourselves, some of our horses came directly from Spain, others from breeders in the United States and Mexico who are equally dedicated to maintaining the finest breed type. Our bloodlines include Bocado, Romero Benitez, Cardenas, Nobleza del Guadiana (Conesa), Escalera, Lovera, Muira, and Yeguada Militar.
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